Living the Dream – be a winemaker with Raidis Estate

Have you ever thought “I would love to go grape picking & make wine with my own hands!”? Are you someone that is always struggling to find just the right gift for someone who has everything?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then Raidis Estate might just be ready to make your day! They’re offering you the chance to go from wine drinker to wine maker through their Living The Dream experience.

You can get down and dirty with the Raidis Estate team during the 2016 vintage (which is fancy wine lingo for ‘picking the grapes’) before working with the winemakers to turn them into your very own limited edition wine. Your signature will even go onto the barrel and the wine label as one of the winemakers!

It all starts this April, so if you feel the winemaker within you starting to twitch, make sure you get in touch now to book your spot.