Heathcote Women In Wine

A collaboration of 6 Heathcote Wineries

The collaboration behind the Heathcote Women in Wine is a positive story amongst the challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns. In May a group of women wine producers joined together for a session as part of Sanguine Estate’s virtual wine tastings on Facebook Live and Zoom. With their cellar doors closed, it was a powerful way to reconnect with customers and find some positives in lockdown. Sanguine Estate expanded their weekly virtual tastings to include a new collaboration, ‘Heathcote Women in Wine’- celebrating the Heathcote region more broadly, and the many professional women contributing to our thriving industry.

From there they expanded to offering mixed wine packs, firstly direct from our websites and then a new pack released on the Click for Vic website – these wines were based on the women choosing a wine in their range that was close to their hearts. Interestingly this resulted in a different variety chosen by each, further emphasising Heathcote’s diversity from the recognised and celebrated highly awarded Shiraz to the plethora of new wave Italian, French and Spanish varietals gaining notoriety.

With the brief re-opening of our Cellar Doors in June, four of the six participants joined together to form the Heathcote Women in Wine Cellar Door Trail allowing visitors to the region to explore Heathcote’s cellar door offerings at four vineyards located within 10 minutes of each other.

More recently the Heathcote Women in Wine Facebook page has been established and the “12 Days of Christmas” wine calendar designed and launched. We look forward to further offerings into the future!

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