Clandestine Vineyards

Forged in friendship

Clandestine Vineyards hold the key to locked away secrets. With fruit sourced from some of the most exceptional, yet difficult to access sites in South and Western Australia, their wines are the key to experience the spoils of these elusive vineyards.

The fabulous Trudy Stacy, and husband Nick, are backed by decades of industry experience and time-earned wisdom, sourcing fruit from some of the most exceptional yet impossible to access vineyards.

They pair these rare harvests with the perfect winemaker – each one hand-picked with the same discretion as the fruit itself. Tied to no one location, GI, or house style, Clandestine Vineyards create extraordinary wines from vineyards that lay beyond the reach of most. These are the Clandestine Vineyards.

With each wine that they craft, every piece of the winemaking puzzle has been carefully considered and deftly executed. However, knowing who, what, where and when is not enough.

The secret to making these wines lies within relationships that take time and trust to forge—something that simply can’t be bought. The key to these crucial relationships is held by founders, Trudy and Nick. Between the two of them is over three decades of selling, buying, discovering, and crafting wine.

They are the mind, the heart and the soul of Clandestine Vineyards. They understand great wine and they know how to unlock it—with a vision for every vintage that runs all the way from vine to glass.

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