Launch of Australia’s first Certified Organic Pinot Grigio

(Photo above, from L – R: Kara (Wild Organic Wines for Women), Sally Cranney (Director of Gorgeous Festival), Jane Thomson (The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society), Joanne Hughes (Veritas Vino), Louise Hemsley-Smith (Spring Seed Wine Co.), Rebecca Hope (The Gourmet Belle)

The Spring Seed Wine Co. launches Australia’s first organic Pinot Grigio

Brisbane, 12 September 2012


Could Pinot Grigio be the new Sauvignon Blanc? Sales of Pinot Grigio are skyrocketing – particularly among women.

And this month in Brisbane, The Spring Seed Wine Co. (the more feminine label from organic wine pioneers Battle of Bosworth in McLaren Vale, South Australia) launched Australia’s first certified organic Pinot Grigio, which – in keeping with their flowery theme – they’ve called the “Poppy”.

The launch was part of a tasting event of the full Spring Seed Wine collection at Brisbane’s The Laneway bar, and was billed as as “Ladies” event. The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society were thrilled to be co-presenters of the evening.

Sixty five women attended the sell-out tasting and, along with the wines, enjoyed a delicious range of delicate canapes prepared in-house by the talented chefs.

So what did we sample on the night? Here’s the list:

  • ‘Forget me not’ Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2011 – Fresh and herbaceous, and nicely balanced.
  • ‘Poppy’ Pinot Grigio 2012 – A triumph of zingy, crisp, lemon gelato flavours. Read our full review here.
  • ‘Four O’Clock’ Chardonnay 2011 – One of our favourite Chardy’s of the year. Has brought more than a few people we know back to Chardonnay!  A delicious, vibrant wine with plenty of stone fruit yumminess. Read our full review here.
  • ‘Scarlett Runner’ Shiraz 2011 – Elegant, fruity and not overly robust.
  • ‘Sweet Pea’ Moscato 2012 – On the drier side of Moscatos, this was enjoyed as a cocktail mixed with Aperol and a lemon twist.

Where can you buy yourself some?

To get your hands on the new organic Poppy Pinot Grigio – or any of the other fabulous offerings from The Spring Seed Wine Co. – order direct from the website: or ask it for it in better bottle shops near you.


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  1. Fabulous wine at a fabulous venue with fabulous women (in fabulous shoes!). Hope to see more events like this in Brisbane!

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