Say “Ciao Bella!” to the Kris Pinot Grigio 2011

Pinot Grigios are the hottest selling wine in Australia right now. But it all started – of course – in Italy. The Veneto region to be specific.

While it has it’s roots in Burgundy, France, it’s in the North East of Italy that Pinot Grigio has really thrived. And it’s when you taste a good, mid-range Italian one, like this offering from Kris, that you realise why Australian wine producers are clambering to put this gem on our tables.

It really is a thing of effortless beauty.  How wonderfully Italian.

The Lowdown

It won’t wink at you or try and pinch your derriere, but this fresh, vibrant and aromatic Italian will make you sit up straight and take notice. Minerally and lickable, it’s the Italian we all want.

Lashings of just-ripe apricot, the aroma of delicate petals from trampled flowers – this wine is so much fun for the senses. Incredibly drinkable and ready to please, it’s easy to see why the Kris Pinot Grigio is already a best seller in other parts of the world. It’s fun, lively and interesting, without a hint of pretension. A great wine to sit back with and enjoy any day of the week.

Drink With

The fresh style of Pinot Grigio is very food friendly, but our ideal match would be to savour it with piles of crab, prawn, aioli and baby artichoke finger sandwiches, with harbour views thankyouverymuchly.

Price: Around $22.00 a bottle

Rating: 4/5




Available from: Specialty retailers and online wine stores.