Ooh la la! Could this be the Australian version of Verve Cliquot?

FABULOUS LADIES WINE REVIEW: Kreglinger Vintage Brut 2005

Golden Fields restaurant, St Kilda, last Friday night


Night out in Melbourne with my bestie

What’s the deal?

When I first put the glass to my lips I thought my sly friend had switched bottles when I wasn’t looking and ordered a top French champagne as a surprise. But no, what I was experiencing was the amazing, classic champagne aromas of the Kreglinger 2005 Vintage Brut. This is a killer Australian sparkling that will have you thinking you’re supping from the cup of Madame Cliquot. Oh yes indeedy. All the fabulous toasty and yeasty flavours and fine bead of a classic champagne, all sourced and made on our own little Aussie island. I could talk honey, nougat and crisp mouth feel, but what you probably want to know is that it just tastes like a really, really top shelf champagne that you’d normally pay a fortune for. At around $50 a bottle, this sophisticated little surprise packet is well worth it. Pour me another!

Drink with?

Well, we had it with just about everything on the menu at Golden Fields! Yes, there were only two of us, but you’ve got to try everything once, right? I think if I were doing some serious food matching then I’d pick toasted brioche spread with olive tapenade, or some delicate smoked salmon roulade for this classic bubbly.

Drink when?

You are celebrating, or just because you want to enjoy a stellar champagne. Which is any time isn’t it?


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