Kirrihill Wines, Clare Valley, South Australia

Kirrihill Logo

Who: Kirrihill Wines

Where: Clare Valley, South Australia

What: A winery owned by two local families, producing both classic Clare Valley styles and some exciting new varieties under an energetic and passionate team.

Why: Tradition meets the future. This is a winery doing all the great Clare Valley classics while still powering ahead and producing an exciting range of new varieties.


The name ‘Kirrihill’ would suggest that some crafty winemaker is trying to have a laugh. I mean, really. You wanna try saying that three times fast after a few tastings? I rest my case. 

But in fact, the name is a blended word formed from part of the property being located on Kirribilly Road (Kirribilly is based on an indigenous word for ‘good water’ or ‘good fishing spot’) which runs through the ‘Hill River’ area of the Clare Valley.

The story of Kirrihill Wines started in the late 1990’s with two families – second generation Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills vignerons the Edwards and Stanway families. Up until then, they were just growing the grapes. But then they had this lovely little idea to build a winery that would produce their own exceptional wine from their cool climate vineyards, and ‘Voila!’ Kirrihill Wines was born.

Kirrihill cellar door

The energetic team at Kirrihill are focused, dynamic and rockin’ to the beat of their own drum.  They are constantly exploring and trialling blends and new varietals and are heavily involved in the research and development of winemaking, experimenting with new techniques and equipment. Kirrihill even have a whole range dedicated to alternative varietals.

But like all good muso’s know, before you can be original and dynamic,  you have to first have the basics nailed. Kirrihill’s overriding philosophy is ‘Based on tradition, focused on the future’. And they are doing the ‘tradition’ just right, offering wines that are true and authentic to the Clare Valley style.

Kelli & Marnie
The fabulous Marnie (right) with colleague Kelli.

Winemakers at the helm are the gorgeous Hamish Seabrook and the uber fabulous Marnie Roberts (One of our Fabulous Ladies of Wine!). Kirrihill is a bit popular with those traveling wine types too, and an international contingency return to work at Kirrihill every vintage. Nationalities you might spot around that time include Indian, Canadian, American, UK and Ukraine! Each brings different experiences and talents to the mix to produce the incredible range of wines produced onsite at the winery.

The hot tip right now from Marnie for the current 2014 vintage (harvest season):

“I’m excited by the Vermentino! The 2014 is just gorgeous, and shaping up beautifully! Also, the Montepulciano is looking very seductive.”

Visit Kirrihill Wines

Kirrihill are in the Clare Valley at 12 Main North Road, Clare. If you’ve been there in the past, then it’s time to revisit as they’ve recently moved to a new cellar door in a more prominent location, with some spectacular views (and staff, ha!) and a really fun atmosphere.

[alert-announce]Kirrihill Wines were our March 2014 ‘Winery of the Month’ in our Online Wine Club. You can read more about that right here.[/alert-announce]