Kangarilla Road Terzetto 2012

2012 Terzetto1

Kangarilla Road Terzetto 2012

Wine is like a new season outfit. Each offers something you can wear depending on the weather and your mood. But this one gives you the whole ensemble – outfit, dress, bag, shoes, jewellery, the works. Every sip offers another layer, and together it works to provide a total aroma and flavour profile that’s both exotic and delicious.

Terzetto is the name they’ve given to this blend of three gorgeous Italians. It’s made up of 45% of Sangiovese, 40% Primitivo and 15% Nebbiolo. They deliver a wine filled with juicy black cherries, spicy plums, fragrant rose petals and dark promises uttered under moonlight. There’s also a delicious savouriness to balance all that sweet fruit, and a super long finish. Yum.

RRP $30.00 (but hunt around as you can often pick it up for quite a bit less.)

Rating: 4.5/5