Keeping up with the Jones’ – Monument Vineyard

Sophie (left) and Danielle Jones’ husbands are brothers. Four years ago these city slickers purchased a property near Orange in central New South Wales and said to the girls “Honey, we bought a vineyard!”.

Sophie Jones (left) and Danielle Jones (right)
Sophie Jones (left) and Danielle Jones (right)

Sophie now works as the PR/Marketing Manager and Danielle as the Sales Rep and Business Manager for their family business Monument Vineyard. Here is their fabulous story!

When did you first enter the wine industry & why?

Danielle: In 2009 we bought the “Monument Vineyard” for another business venture; it was decided that the vineyard was too well established to leave idle, so we thought we’d have a go… Knowing nothing about wine 3 years ago, not even being a wine drinker myself, I have certainly broadened my horizons and I am finding the wine industry a great new challenge, it’s exciting.

Sophie: Three years ago when my husband and his brothers purchased the vineyard and we made the move from the city to country NSW. I am a primary school teacher but as we await the birth of our first child, I am happily taking some time out of my profession to concentrate on our wine business.

What does your current role involve? 

Danielle: Wine Shows, Sales and all of paperwork!

Sophie: Establishing the ‘Monument Vineyard’ brand through the media, organising events and being an active member of the Orange community by promoting this fantastic wine and food region.

From where/what regions do you source your grapes?

Danielle & Sophie:  All our grapes come from our very own vineyard located 30 kilometres west of Orange in the Central Ranges area of New South Wales

What’s the philosophy behind Monument Vineyard? 

Danielle: ‘We do wine because we love it’ The Jones family’s enthusiasm for our new venture, coupled with wine maker , Frenchman Chris Derrez, extensive wine making skills, are helping to shape and drive the Monument Vineyard brand.

Sophie: ‘We do wine because we love it’. That’s the philosophy! My husband and I have developed a real love of wine since meeting over 10 years ago. We have been lucky enough to explore wine regions both here and in Europe and this has developed both our knowledge and our love of the production of wine.

From the range of wines you produce, what are your personal favourites?

Danielle: Cabernet Sauvignon – a young wine with heaps of potential.

Sophie: Nebbiolo as it is just so different! And a lovely accompaniment to a barbecue at any time of the year.  Also, our Verdelho. It’s perfect for sharing with your girlfriends when you have had a tough day and just need to unwind.

What’s your all-time favourite food & wine match?  

Danielle: Seafood and bubbles

Sophie: Grilled salmon and salad accompanied by a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc

If you had to describe yourself as a wine it would be…. 

Danielle: Merlot – Smooth and easy going, perhaps a little complex!

Sophie: Persistent sparkle with fruity characters!

Favourite way to while away a Sunday afternoon? 

Danielle: In the sun’s warmth, with family, good friends and great wine!

Sophie: In the sunshine with my husband, friends and dogs down by the dam…accompanied by a picnic hamper with wine and cheese, of course!

Flats or heels? 

Danielle: Both! Love flats for everyday – chasing kids etc.  and definitely heels for going out – they make me taller

Sophie: Flats…I’m tall enough as it is and they certainly make taking to the dance floor easier!

If there was one thing you wish you could tell the sisterhood of wine lovers out there, what would it be?

Danielle: Wine is a personal preference, there is no right or wrong!

Sophie:  Never be afraid to try something new…especially when it comes to wine varieties, you might just be pleasantly surprised!

You can meet the fabulous Danielle and Sophie in person and try the wines from Monument Vineyard at our first Orange Fabulous Ladies Wine Soiree on Sat 25 October 2014 as part of the Orange Wine Festival. GET TICKETS.