Join us for The Fabulous Winey Quiz Hour! Tuesday 28 April 2020

Hello wine lovers! It’s Jane Thomson here – FLWS founder and wine adoring, pub quiz tragic.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve been doing some live virtual wine tastings, which have been fabulous fun. But our next online wine tasting is not for another couple of weeks. So I thought, in the meantime, how about we all grab a glass and have a quizzy drinks session together next Tuesday instead?!?!

I’ll be frocked up and armed with 30 questions and a whole lotta prizes – including some from your fave wineries – for the ultimate Fabulous Winey Quiz Hour on Tuesday 28th April 2020 at wine o’clock (we’re nominally calling that 5pm AEST, even though we’re currently living on airport rules and it’s always wine o’clock somewhere, right?! For you in SA & NT that’s 4:30pm and in WA it’s 3pm.)

It won’t be a wine boffin quiz. Just a winey one! That means there’ll be some wine questions, some questions that make you want to wine, and some that are just general knowledge.

Grab your household and form a team, or just give it a whirl yourself as you chop the onions or push the kids back into their bedrooms. We’ll even have a special winey guest or two pop in to say hi during the hour!

It’ll all happen through Facebook Live so while your quiz brain is getting into gear you can tell everyone what’s in your glass, make comments about how annoying the questions are, chat amongst the group, crack iso jokes and generally get up to online mischief while we slurp, sip and play along.

Hope you can join us for an hour of winey, fabulous fun.
See you on the Facebooks!