Let’s get piggy with it – Jim Barry ‘Three Little Pigs’ 2010 Shiraz Malbec Cabernet

FABULOUS LADIES REVIEW: Online Women’s Wine Club Red Wine of the Month July 2012

Jim Barry Three Little Pigs 2010

This blend of three fabulous red varietals is a dark, brooding and complex character from the rugged Clare Valley, who’s ready to light the fire, throw down the rug and spend the evening keeping you warm.

Jim Barry’s son Peter – who now runs the winery – named this wine after the pigs he brings in and fattens up each year to turn into Christmas Hams. But there’s no pushy, barnyard flavours to worry about here. This is an elegant, earthy wine that makes wonderful use of all the features of each variety.

Here’s what we wrote about it in the Tasting Notes that are used by those women participating in our Online Women’s Wine Club.

(The full Tasting Notes & Wine Scoring Card are still available for download too, if you’d like them! Just because we’ve finished tasting this wine as part of our online wine club, doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to try, buy and taste the wine using our fabulous, girl friendly tasting notes to guide you. Enjoy!)

But what was the verdict from our online women’s wine club?

There were a few it didn’t appeal to – and they tended to be lovers of big reds (or so say their comments) – but overall most people happily gave it a “4 – I’d buy a bottle”.

Our favourite comments included:

“Gorgeous red, easy drinking.”

“A cracker. I loved it. Especially at this price.”

“This was nice and light, easy to drink, but still had plenty of body and oomph. Would absolutely buy it again!”

“I thought maybe that farmhand you mentioned might appear at the very first sip. But even when he didn’t, I wasn’t disappointed. This is a lovely red wine and perfect for midweek drinking.”

Price: About $22.00

Available at: Most bottle shops, and online stores, nation wide