It’s Our First Birthday!

We’re popping EXTRA bottles of bubbly this week as we celebrate the very first birthday of The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society!

Hasn’t it been a ride? From the concept to the full catastrophe, we’ve had a ball creating Australia’s first wine community for women. And we couldn’t have done it without YOU.

We’ve combined online information, social media and real-life events for women in a way that’s never been done in Australia before. And we’re just an itty-bit proud of what we’ve achieved in 12 short months.

We haven’t managed to get around to everywhere. Yet. But be assured that plans are afoot to get to more cities and more towns with our fabulous events in the very near future. (Yes, that means you Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Townsville!)

In the meantime, we’re doing all sorts of fun and fabulous things online as we plough headfirst into our second year. We’ll be featuring more news, more reviews, more fun and educative articles about wine, and we’ll also be profiling more of those fabulous women working in our wine industry (cos it’s about time somebody did!). And we’ll be doing it all with our usual dose of fun and hilarity.

We’re also introducing more community involvement online, so you’ll be able to provide ratings and reviews for your own favourite wines and wineries. (More of that coming soon…) And we’re in the process of formalising our Local Societies to ensure we can provide more support and fun for all of you doing our online wine club together.

Finally, we’re very excited to be sourcing some incredible wine deals and special member-only secret offers just for you, so stay tuned. (If you haven’t joined us yet, hop to it and Join Now.)

We’ll be working hard as ever over the next few months to make all that happen, but right now we’re enjoying taking some time to look back and reflect on the past year. And while the online stuff is where much of our time and effort is directed, it’s been meeting you in real life and sharing some amazing experiences with you that’s been the most fun.

So here’s a little montage of all the fabulous wine-loving women at all our Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society events over the last 12 months. Enjoy!