How to choose the perfect wines for your wedding

When it comes to organising your wedding, most brides (okay, yes, and grooms) spend countless hours thinking about the dress, the venue, the flowers, and the photographer.

The short-listed caterers are even subjected to a taste testing session to determine the winning menu.

But few people give the same time or attention to the wines they’ll be serving on their special day.

Here’s the thing: If everything else is perfect for your special day, and then the wine lets you down, it will put an indelible stain your wedding.

Leaving the wine selection to the caterers (or your Dad) may seem like a good way of avoiding having to make yet another decision. But the risk is that you’ll end up having wine that is overpriced (mark-ups by caterers and venues can be HUGE if you’re not careful), isn’t well matched to your food and – worse still – becomes the one letdown of your otherwise perfect day.

Fortunately, selecting the perfect wines for your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Here are four fabulous suggestions for choosing the perfect wines:

1. Stay true to your style

Are you having a cocktail function or a sit down dinner? A luncheon or an evening meal? Beach or bush? Formal or casual? It’s important to consider the style of event you’re holding and select wines that will complement and enhance the experience of your guests.

For instance, while sparkling wine or Champagne is an essential at any wedding, it may be more important at a cocktail style event to have several different styles of sparkling wine available. At a formal evening dinner, the choice of well cellared red wines to match the main course options may be a more important consideration.

2. Determine your budget

There’s no point going cheap on wine if you’ve maxed out the credit card on everything else at your wedding. But neither is it essential to spend big. Work out a budget for your wine, just like any other element of your wedding plan – and stick to it.

3. Think about who’s coming

Is it a second (or subsequent) wedding where most of your guests will be “above a certain age”? (Yikes. There’s never a good way to put that, is there?) Or will the marquee be full of bright young things dancing the night away? It’s important to consider who will be coming to the wedding so you can choose a variety of wines that will cater to the tastes of your guests.

4. Choose what YOU like

Make sure you choose wines that you like yourself! Selecting your wines might not be quite as important as choosing your dress or your venue, but the process can certainly be much more fun.

If you’re looking for one sparkling, one white and one red, then try to taste at least five or six of each before making your decision. If you’re restricted to using wines supplied by your caterer or venue, then ask to try the available selection.

It’s also worth asking whether you’re allowed to supply your own. Many caterers and venues don’t immediately advertise this (it’s usually not in their financial interest) but are very open to doing it upon request.

Whether or not you’re tasting wines you’ve found yourself or have been provided by the venue, we recommend doing a blind tasting – preferably while eating some of the sorts of foods you’ll be serving (though that’s not essential).

Hopefully, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and realise that the expensive option isn’t your favourite.

And if you feel like you need a little extra help with your wine selection, we’re here! We can help advise you on selecting the perfect wines for your wedding –  all from as little as AU$95.00.

Such a tiny investment to ensure that everything for your special day is exactly what you were hoping for – right down to the very last drop.

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