Three Fabulous Grenache Under $25 – Grenache Day 2012

Happy World Grenache Day 2012! Yes, 21st September has been declared World Grenache Day and who are we to argue?

Grenache. It’s a grape. Not a gangsta rapper. It’s just as lively but much softer and less grippy, full of jammy fruit flavours, and it’s a real fave of ours.

It’s not widely known, and it’s rarely seen on it’s own. It’s most commonly found in the company of others – particularly Shiraz and Mouvedre, where they combine to create that amazing blend the Rhone Valley in France is famous for, the GSM.

In Australia, most of the best Grenache comes out of South Australia, which is home to some of the world’s oldest Grenache vines. So it’s no surprise that most of the best value Grenache – the ones that really give you bang for your buck – come from there.

If you’re looking for a Grenache to celebrate World Grenache Day 2012, here’s three happy little offerings we heartily recommend:

d’Arenberg ‘The Stump Jump’ Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre $15.00

We’ve raved on about this little gem before. And with good reason. We’re yet to meet anyone who isn’t instantly taken with this incredible value wine. d’Arenberg do quite a few pure Grenache options too, but it’s so hard to go past this GSM. It’s almost the perfect wine to tuck under your arm and take out to dinner as it will match with an enormously wide variety of foods. Lots of blackcurrant and warmth with good earthiness too. It’s at a quaffing price but if you didn’t know how much you’d spent you could easily be convinced that it was three times the price.


Schild Estate Barossa GMS $15.00

Made from a blend of 55% Grenache, 25% Mourvedre and 20% Shiraz this little number gives a brilliant hit of ripe cherries first up thanks to the Grenache sourced from 70 year old Barossa vines. The Shiraz and Mouvedre are just there like good bridesmaids really – holding up the bride and making all the pictures look balanced and elegant. The vibrant red colour is gorgeous and there’s lots of other berry fruit flavours and and subtle spice. One to add to your regular repertoire!


Tscharke The Potter Garnacha $24.00

In Spain they call it “Garnacha” and that’s what Tscharke in the Barossa call theirs too. Probably because it’s made in such a southern European style. Brilliant ruby red colour and purple fruit flavours with – dare we say it – loads of chocolate too! And a fairly good structure to boot – which can be hard to achieve in a straight Grenache. But none of that is important now that we’ve said “chocolate”!