Goody Goody Yum Drops – the lowdown

We all like to feel warm and fluffy and a little righteous when searching for our favourite organic, farmer’s market, leash walked carrots. But what of wine?

Organic and natural wines are the newest ‘big thing’ in the wine world, and so it was time for us to get the lowdown on just how good these babies can be.

On a steamy Tuesday evening, the cool cave like environs of Establishment’s Tank Stream Bar was the perfect venue to get back to the vineyard and sample the latest natural wine hits at Goody Goody Yum Drops, a celebration of organic, natural, biodynamic and orange wines.

Just one of the many events in Merivale’s ‘March into Merivale’ program that runs until the end of March, this one had Master Sommelier, Franck Moreau, leading us through a tasting of each of the dozens of natural wines on offer. He talked about the motivations and passions behind the individual winemakers to create wines that don’t harm the earth but rather echo it. Screaming of terroir, these wines are young, full of the life of the soil and the grower’s toil. Each wine had a very distinct and unique story to tell.

Goody Goody Yum Drops 2

In general they were good. Very good. And some were mind blowing.

These were our favourites:

Shobbrook Didier Cinsault, Barossa Valley

We imagined it as the cherished home grown wine of a French peasant farmhouse (although it is actually from the Barossa). The wine had a glacé cherry colour with very delicate tannins. Ideal served with a country terrine & baguette or barbequed squid for a more modern touch.

Wittmann Pinot Gris, Rheinhessen Germany

We confess to being a little skeptical of biodynamics. Crushed quartz in a cow’s horn, anyone? But regardless of the philosophy behind it, the care and preparation that goes into a biodynamic vineyard is reflected back in a fresh and vibrant wine full of life. Tightly acid driven with notes of tropical sorbet & pear, this is a punch bowl for your mouth, yet with a clean crisp finish.

Gravner Ribolla Gialla Anforna, Friuli, Italy

You may have heard of the current trend for orange wine. Orange wine is made from white grapes that are left on the skins during fermentation. And this wine is the mack daddy, the big kahuna of natural wine. Natural yeasts. No sulphites. Aged not in oak but in clay amphorae under the ground.

It’s really quite startling. It tastes of all the grape – the stems, the seeds, vine leaves and silly as it sounds, the grapes themselves. There was a scent of Christmas pudding but the peel rather than the spices. Astringent but not overly so, the sense of a still lake as opposed to an ozone spray from the sea. A slight tilt to the right of everything you expect from a wine.

Expand your palate a little, try something a bit different, a bit out there, and give the earth a great big, slightly tipsy hug.

If you want to try the wines that were available at Goody Goody Yum Drops pop into The Bottle Shop at 1 Palings Lane, 320 George St. Sydney or call them on 02 9254 8008.

{Disclosure: We were invited to attend this event as guests of Merivale}

 Sally Cantelo