From Dolly Parton to Nicole Kidman: The evolution of Chardonnay

A recent article in the UK Telegraph had us chuckling. In an amusing examination of why Australian Chardonnay is back in fashion, they compared older style biggger and “buxom” Chardonnays to Dolly Parton, while suggesting that the newer, tighter and leaner styles that are currently on the market were more like Nicole Kidman.

Which leaves Keith Urban where exactly? (Between a couple of rocks and a hard place? Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

But I digress.

Chardonnay has definitely undergone an evolution – even a revolution – in recent years. And it’s not before time. Only mere months ago we were still sneering at ‘Cardonnay’ thanks to those horn bags Kath and Kim.

The new Australian Chardonnays hitting your glass are fresher, full of zing and without the need to chug a glass of water between sips . If you’ve been part of the ABC (anything but chardonnay) club for a while now, it’s high time you gave it another whirl.

Here’s three that should bring you around:

The comparison The Telegraph made with chardonnay and actresses got us thinking. Where else can we use the entertainment fraternity to describe a particular style of wine that’s changed over the years?

Let’s have a go shall we? What do you think of….

Pinot Noir –  Early Australian Pinot Noirs were pale, watery and unsatisfying (heck, some are sadly still like that and people like them that way. Each to their own!). Today, though, the best Pinot’s coming out of our cooler climate regions are complex, smokey and seductive.

grant and clooney
Pinot Noir – early Hugh Grant vs George Clooney

Riesling – Remember those gaudy coloured boxes of Riesling? Sweet and tooth cloyingly saccharine. Now Rieslings are being produced that are so far removed from those early days that it’s hard to believe they’re made in the same country with the same grape. Today’s new Rieslings are not only bone dry but also offer the full triple threat; crisp, minerally and interesting.

Riesling - it's not your sweet neighbour anymore. Jason Donovan vs Hugh Jackman
Riesling – it’s not your sweet neighbour anymore. Jason Donovan vs Hugh Jackman

Got any other suggestions you’d like to throw at us? We’d love to hear it!



  1. Zoe

    I used to think I hated Riesling, so I didn't drink it for many years. Last year I discovered the Fowles Stone Dwellers Riesling 2012; it is a brilliant and delicious wine that you must try. It started me on a path to find other Rieslings I like, but this one is still my favourite.

    1. The Fabulous Ladies

      That's fantastic Zoe! You know of course we're big fans of Fowles wine here too. They don't even pay us a cent to say that. We just love it!!

  2. Ben

    I like to thinks our Rose's are now much less Hancock-Porteous (shallow, duplicitous and wincingly odious), and much more Byrne (stylish, best in summer, and great legs), non?

    1. The Fabulous Ladies

      Love it Ben!!

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