We’re supporting Frocktober 2012

Women, wine and frocks are a natural combination, non? So it’s probably no surprise that we’re rather taken with the idea of Frocktober.

And today we’re thrilled to announce that we’re officially supporting Frocktober and making our Melbourne Fabulous Ladies Wine Soiree on 25 October a Frocktober 2012 event.

What is Frocktober? It’s a fundraising initiative for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Frocktober began in October 2007 when some lovely lasses decided it was time to do something fun and quirky to raise funds for women’s health. Each donning a dress, the group went out to the pub, passed around a hat and raised $200. Frocktober was born! And it’s since become an Australia-wide annual event which has this year alone already raised over $60,000 (and we’re only 7 days into October!!).

Melbourne Fabulous Ladies Wine Soiree – Get your Frock On!

So, if you’re coming to the Melbourne Fabulous Ladies Wine Soiree on 25 October please frock up, and come prepared to make a donation when we pass the hat around. Don’t have your tickets yet? You can get them here.

And for everyone else…

If you’re elsewhere in Australia, and can’t make it to our fabulous Melbourne event, we encourage you to do your own fundraising for Ovarian Cancer Research this month and rock out in a frock for Frocktober.

Some other suggested ways you can raise money during Frocktober:

  • Hold your own Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Soiree and ask everyone who attends to wear a frock and make a donation
  • Hold a ‘Frock Friday’ at your work, school or group (you could even encourage the men at work to don a frock) with a gold coin donation
  • Run a ‘frock swap’ where everyone brings an old frock to swap with a friend and charge a fee for entry