Takin’ a new road – Eden Road Canberra Riesling 2011

FABULOUS LADIES WINE REVIEW: Eden Road Canberra Riesling 2011


Saturday night BBQ at my place. Good times!


Because it finally WASN’T raining. So we lit the barbecue & invited some good friends over to grill some meat over the coals and let the kids run wild while we sat back on the outdoor lounge and sipped via candlelight under the stars.


You may remember that I was beside myself a week or so back to have discovered Eden Road Wines on my recent trip to the Canberra vineyards. And when my delivery arrived last week, I was sure that it was the reds I was going to get into first and review for you here. But given the glorious weather on Saturday, I thought I’d start the relaxed evening catch up with a bottle of their Canberra grown 2011 Riesling, and it was the hit of the night!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Riesling I find it hard to go past hazy memories of my parents & their friends filling their gobs with cheese and cabonossi on a stick, my mum wearing a skirt that was embarrassingly too short while swaying to the husky tones of Rod Stewart, and a lot of sweet musky smelling wine being passed around straight from a cardboard box labelled “Riesling”.

So when I open a Riesling, even though I know in my head that this classic German varietal can be as dry and complex and wonderful as any white wine can be, and even though I have drunk gallons of really good Rieslings in my adulthood, something in me still expects to see my mother swaying.

If you’re a little nervous about Riesling yourself, then I’m hear to tell you that you need to join me in letting the past go and leap into the new, wonderfully dry rieslings that are now being produced in Australia’s cool climate regions, like Canberra. The Eden Road 2011 Canberra Riesling is a fantastic place to start. It is supremely crisp, floral, even lemony and bright, with a very clean finish. For a Riesling of this quality it’s also exceptional value (around $21.00).

It’s so good that my dinner guests have become converted back to Riesling (fellow sufferers of bad ’70s memories) after my convincing them to give it a try.

We even cranked up the stereo and put on a little Rod Stewart. Just for old times.


We paired it with our starters for the evening – chunks of salty, creamy fetta cheese with dense, thick crackers. It went beautifully. But one of the marvellous things about good Riesling is that it’s incredibly flexible. The balanced acidity makes it happy to dance with a huge variety of food partners. (Even cabanossi!)

PRICE:  Around $21.00 a bottle





AVAILABLE AT: Directly through www.edenroadwines.com.au (And they have FREE shipping!) plus many other online and independent wine retail outlets.