Drinking wine makes you more creative – new research

In news to no-one, science has finally caught up with the rest of us in discovering that drinking wine not only brings out our hilarious, loud talking abilities, but also our CREATIVE SIDE!

We’re not suggesting you can suddenly macrame like a boss after a couple of chardy’s but Austrian scientists have found that a glass of wine or beer can switch on your creativity.

“Alcohol is so linked with creativity,” lead author Dr Mathias Benedek said. “Previous research has found almost half of the great writers had a history of drinking. We found that a small drink can indeed help with certain aspects of creativity.”

Participants were given either an alcoholic drink or an indistinguishable non-alcoholic one. They were then given a series of word association tasks. For example, they were asked to link the words “swiss”, “blue” and “cake”.

Those who had drunk alcohol were more likely to correctly guess that cheese was the linking word.

The alcohol-drinkers also exceeded in a creative thinking task, in which they had to suggest alternative uses for tyres. (Woah. We’d like to read the results of THAT!)

Published in the Journal of Consciousness & Cognition, the research also revealed that those who had consumed the alcohol had less focus and “cognitive control”. Um. Well. YES.

“There are two theories for how this works,” explained Dr Benedek. “The first being that when you are really focusing on solving a problem, you can become fixated so that your mind gets stuck on one way of addressing it. Alcohol makes it more difficult to keep all the parameters of the task in mind, but that can also help you come at it from another direction.”

“The second theory is that alcohol, which is distracting from the central task, allows you to tap into your unconscious mind and find alternative solutions,” he explained.

Cheers to that.