Drink With Them: How to support Australian wineries affected by the bushfires

While fires continue to ravage some of our favourite wine regions – including Canberra, Hunter Valley, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide Hills, the NSW South Coast and Tumbarumba – many of you have asked us how you can best support those producers who have been affected.

It’s simple really. The BEST way you can help right now is to buy wine directly from them (via their website – or even their cellar door where applicable). This will give them the cash injection they currently need to begin their recovery.

Even if producers were left unscathed by the fires directly, smoke taint is going to be a serious problem for many in these areas (the extent of the impact is currently being assessed). Meaning, there may be no income at all from this current vintage for some producers.

Here at the FLWS we’ve ALWAYS been about supporting producers directly. And now it’s more important than ever.

So let’s do it ladies. Let’s commit to DRINK WITH THEM 👊

How do you know which wineries are affected?

There’s currently no definitive list. What we’re suggesting is that wineries in these regions will be affected in some capacity, so purchasing / spending your money directly with them is the best way to support them right now. Many cellar doors are open and operating, so get offline and go wine touring for a truly fabulous wine buying experience!

  • Kangaroo Island (SA)
  • Adelaide Hills (SA)
  • Tumbarumba (NSW)
  • South Coast (NSW)
  • Canberra Region (ACT & NSW)
  • Hunter Valley (NSW)