De Bortoli La Boheme Rose 2014

la boheme

De Bortoli La Boheme Rose 2014

This is the wine that stopped a nation. Okay, well maybe not a nation exactly. But definitely a restaurant. Everytime we served the La Boheme Rose at our De Bortoli Fabulous Ladies Wine Soirees this year, time seemed to stand still. The oohs-and-aahs were audible. In Sydney, our fabulous attendees ordered so much of the stuff afterwards that for a while the entire country was out stock!!!!

It’s the colour that first enthralls you. It’s a pale, salmon pink the French refer to as Oeil de Perdrix (partridge eye) which is a sign of an authentic Provencale style Rosè. (Leanne De Bortoli taught us all that!). The palate is savoury, dry and full bodied, with lashings of rose petal and red, summer berries. And it’s not all for the girls either. My hubby can’t get enough of it.

RRP: $20.00

Rating: 4.5/5