d’Arenberg The Stump Jump GSM 2011

A “Stump Jump” was an uncannily brilliant South Australian invention that allowed a plough to “jump” over the stumps in the ground so the horses didn’t have to stop, and it was set to take the world by storm – until a little innovation called “the tractor” arrived hot on its heels.

Today there’s still plenty to jump about when it comes to great things from South Australia, and this wine is one of them. The price – around $13.00 – makes it unbelievable value.


The Lowdown

Cheap red wines are a lottery. You’re more likely to marry Ryan Gosling than find a decent drop under $15.

But this handsome GSM punches well above its weight. First it charms you with oodles of ripe red and dark purple fruit, then it shows you it also has substance by throwing in a pinch of pepper and some rich spice. It’s well balanced too with a juicy, bright finish. With so much going for it and at such a great price you’ll be  asking who’s Ryan anyway? Part of the explanation behind it’s complexity and elegance stems from the fact that it is predominantly made from grapes grown on old bush vines.

The rest is pure wine maker magic.

Drink With

Drink it with lamb kebab or a tamari tofu burger.

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: Around $13.00