Chardonnay Day 2012 – Noice!

Is there really a day dedicated to those two Fountain Lakes aficionados of all things vino?

Well, almost.

The third annual Chardonnay Day is on this Thursday 24th May, and is a celebration of all things Card-oh-nay. Hooray!

We’re big chardonnay lovers here at The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society. But Chardonnay has been doing it tough in recent years, having been surpassed in the glamour stakes by more exotic foreigners like Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Gris’ and Marsanne.

So, if you’re a secret Chardy lover like us, let this Thursday be your big “coming out” day.  Admit with pride you enjoy a nice  Chardonnay and rejoice in the big love fest.

Or if you haven’t had a Chardy in a while, use it as a chance to remind yourself of just how fabulous this white wine can be. Come back to where the love began.

How do you get involved with Chardonnay Day 2012?

Chardonnay Day isn’t a huge festival in a park with crowded marquees and an overpriced ticket. No, no! It’s FREE & it’s all happening online in that spooky, crazy world we like to call ‘social media’. So how do you do it?

      • Grab a bottle – or six – of your favourite chardonnay, or one you’ve been wanting to try
      • Get some friends together, open some bottles and share your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook
      • On Twitter, use the hashtag #ChardDay to join the big conversation
      • Or simply drink and celebrate great Chardonnay!

There are also a few organised Chardonnay Day events happening around Australia at various wineries and bars, who are pretty much doing the “get some friends together” bit for you, as well as picking the wines. If you’re lucky enough to be near any of them, go!

If you just want to keep it virtual, come on over and hang out with us on Facebook & Twitter on Thursday night with a glass in your hand and be ready to shout “I love Card-oh-nay!”

Oh, and wearing your best hot-pants won’t get you extra points, but it will make us love you more. Bottoms up Chardy lovers!

Do you love Chardonnay? Do you have a favourite Chardy? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!