Can you really get a fabulous red wine off-the-shelf for under $10?

It’s hard to escape from endless “super deals” on cheap wine at the moment. They’re overloading my email inbox. They’re pasted on enormous bill boards on every highway.  And the weekend papers are stuffed with full page advertisements announcing never-to-be-missed wine deals.

There’s no doubt that there’s some very good deals around if you want to buy a case or three. But what if you’re just wandering into your local bottle shop with your last $10 note– having blown the rest on some seriously good sales of the fashion variety.

Can you find a bottle of red wine that’s really worth drinking at that price?

We think we’ve found three cute little reds that are worthy of your loose change – all coming in at $10 or under.

Sirromet Perfect Day Classic Red 2006

You might think Queensland is all sunshine and bad hair days, but there’s a lovely wine region (called the Granite Belt) in it’s colder parts that producing some very lush wines.

This gorgeous and very drinkable Shiraz Cabernet blend from Sirromet and is aptly named to provide the perfect end to any hard day shopping. Drink it up on it’s own while you put the music on, or slurp it with whatever food you can be bothered throwing together.


Sassoregale Sangiovese 2009

Who says you have to stick to Australian wines? Sometimes being a little adventurous pays off, and that’s certainly the case with this cheeky Italian Sangiovese.

If you’re dreaming about coming home to sloth on the couch with pizza and a movie, this charming Italian red will put his arm around you and tell you he loves you no matter how many slices you devour. He’s also delicious with pasta or just a hunk of salami straight from the fridge.


McWilliams Inheritance Fruitwood Red

Semi-sweet reds seem to have fallen out of favour, but I would argue there’s still a definite place for them and you don’t have to be wearing over-sized flares or lashings of blue eye shadow to enjoy them.

This one, from ye olde classic wine brand McWilliams, is particularly perfect if you’re looking for something to drink with your plastic take-away container of bog standard (but undeniably delicious) Indian food.

Let me be clear that it’s not sickly sweet or syrupy at all. It just has enough residual sugar to cut through the spice. Drink it slightly chilled from the fridge for the full effect.

Do you know of a good red you can grab at your local for under $10? Have you tried any of the wines listed here? What do you think? Please share your thoughts with other fabulous ladies by leaving a comment below.