Calabria Private Bin Vermentino 2013


Calabria Private Bin Vermentino 2013

The Lowdown

When you read the words “Private Bin” or “Private Label” on a bottle of wine, that usually translates as “I’m gonna charge you an extra $20 – $30, because I can.”

So it was with huge surprise and delight that, after enjoying the first sip, I turned the bottle around to discover the recommended retail price of this delicious, lemon-y Vermentino is just $15!

Right now I’m just going to come out and say that this is quite probably the best value Vermentino in Australia right now. 

What’s more amazing is that it’s Calabria’s very first vintage of this variety! We’re just crossing all our fingers and toes here that it’s the first of many.

Lemon and lime tang coupled with a bit of nutty complexity make it a delectable wine to slurp in the sunshine. Or…well…just any time really.

Drink With

White bean bruschetta if-you-please, or some really good fritto misto would sublime. Or if that fails, salty Kettle chips are just as worthy.

Price: $15.00

Rating: 4.5/5 (amazing value)