Burnbrae Rose 2013

Burnbrae Rose 2013

It’s always a little scary when the back of the bottle says “balanced sweetness”. In fact, being adverse to sweet pink wine it was enough for us to put it on the tasting schedule back-burner.

When we finally got to it, it was a revelation! More strawberries than a Wimbledon final, but fresh and lively with a lovely DRY finish. This is definitely a wine to hunt down and try for yourself.


The Lowdown

Burnbrae are one of the oldest vineyards in the Mudgee region of New South Wales, but remain a boutique producer, hand picking, and basket pressing all their wines in the traditional way. So it won’t be easy to find – probably direct from Burnbrae is your best bet.

This Rose, which is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, is a pretty, deep crimson colour and is overflowing with the  flavours of summer picnics. Savoury and fruity, complex and interesting. There’s quite a bit of body too, it’s nice and luscious in the mouth, but with a zippy freshness at the end. This is an even brighter, more fragrant and complex offering than the year before.

Drink With

Brilliant on it’s own on a sunny afternoon, it also pairs beautifully with watermelon and fetta salad with grilled chicken, or just a plate filled with picky things left over from last weekend.

Price: $18.00

Rating: 4/5