Brown Brothers knows that size does matter

Brown Brothers “Mini” range launch: Sydney, August 23rd 2012

When you’re enjoying a glass of sparkling wine, there’s an unwritten expectation that you need to finish the entire bottle – or risk it turning into lifeless, flat wine by the morning.

Let’s be clear that there’s many a time a gal is happy to rise to the challenge! But occasionally, when all she wants is a nice glass or two to celebrate the day, what’s remaining goes to waste.

Two of our chief Fabulous Ladies, Jane (left) and Sally (right), with Brown Brothers own fabulous lady Katherine Brown (centre).

Understanding the conundrum that taunts sparkling wine lovers everywhere, Brown Brothers have this week launched their range of “Mini” bottles in time for the Spring season.

Because sometimes, smaller really is better.

On Wednesday night the Gazebo Wine Garden in Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay gave the Chelsea Flower show a run for it’s money, as it was transformed into a floral wonderland complete with white picket fence and a croquet field.

Taking the field for a spot of croquet

Ross and Katherine Brown, who attended the night with other members of the Brown Brothers team, described their new range of “minis” – sparkling wines in either 200ml or 275ml size bottles – as a celebration of the outdoor life we love to live during the warmer months. They can be enjoyed from a glass, or straight from the bottle with a straw. Perfect for alfresco and party style events!

Brown Brothers have chosen their sweeter, softer sparklings from their extensive range of bubbles to convert into smaller bottles, and Ross Brown says that this is because they carry the refreshing and fruity flavours of summer.

Because small is good! Sipping away from left to right: Lyndey Milan, Katherine Brown, Joanna Savill and Ross Brown

The new mini range includes:

Vintage Sparkling Moscato (200ml) A fresh and fruity sparkling that’s full of crushed grape and citrus goodness.

Vintage Sparkling Moscato Rosa (200ml) A pinker offering, full of rich, berry flavours.

Moscato (275ml) Light frizzante, grapey and refreshing – not too much bubble.

Cienna (275ml) A super sweet, red-fruit driven fizzy drop. Loads of fun.

The Mini selection will soon be available nationwide with a RRP of $19.90 for a pack of four bottles or $5.90 each.

(All photographs used with permission.)

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    Looks fabulous! Looks summery! Can't wait to try the Moscata Rosa – I hope it's not too sweet?

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