Brown Brothers Hidden Vineyard

With Sydney summer weather failing to live up to its promise, and shopping centres filled with frantic shoppers, who wouldn’t love a quick weekend getaway?

How about a tranquil gathering in the Brown Brothers Hidden Vineyard of Milawa? Home of one of Australia’s First Families of Wine.

The best bit is, you won’t even have to leave the city. . . Milawa has come to Surry Hills!

Brown Brothers have set up a pop-up bar they’re calling the “Hidden Vineyard” complete with hanging vines reminiscent of the gardens of Babylon, in order to showcase their Sparkling Wine of the Summer – the Brown Brothers Prosecco.

We’ve attended many a pop-up bar event this year (just for you of course…) and the Brown Brothers Hidden Vineyard is by far and away our favourite one yet.

Held in an unassuming office block in the rag trade district, the venue held few clues to the delightful adventure to be had inside.

Our hosts, the always gorgeous Brown brothers, err sisters, Katherine, Emma and Caroline (with a hand from father Ross) have recreated a little piece of their Milawa Secret Garden for you to enjoy.

Entering a dreamy wonderland decorated with hanging vines, twinkling lanterns and pastoral scenes of Milawa, we were escorted to our picnic blanket, where an Alice-inspired tag inscribed ‘Pull Me’ awaited. Who are we to say no? Our picnic basket descended from above. . .

Inside the basket were all the essential accoutrements for a perfect picnic in the Victorian countryside.

Drink Me”, proclaimed the sparkling flutes, that were ready to be filled with sparkling Brown Brothers Prosecco.

Eat Me” insisted the gorgeous trio of cheese from the Milawa Cheese Company (the Ashed Chévre seemed to be extra insistent).

The city melted away and with only the smallest stretch of the imagination, we were able to recline, relax and dream of High Country delights. Zen. . .

Embracing the delights of Milawa – home of Brown Brothers – came naturally to our Sally

And the Prosecco itself? Take it from the always lovely Katherine Brown – “It’s light and delicate with delicious apple and pear characteristics, making it the sparkling wine of summer.” Enough said – it’s Prosecco time. Salute!

Congratulations to Brown Brothers for pulling off such a stunning and charming event, and with a last minute venue change no less. Sydney fabulous ladies: get yourselves down there for an enchanted evening.

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Sally Cantelo

(Our fabulous Sally attended the Hidden Vineyard as a guest of Brown Brothers)

The LowDown

Brown Brothers Hidden Vineyard Prosecco Bar

4/119 Kippax Street, Surry Hills

7 – 9 December (One weekend only!)

4pm to 10pm  Free Entry