Brokenwood Cricketpitch Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2010

FABULOUS LADIES REVIEW: Brokenwood Cricket Pitch Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2010


On the deck at sunset with a huge bowl of home made nachos.


Because I’d normally reach for a beer with Mexican food, but I felt more like a nice glass of cold wine. To hell with the “rules”!

The Lowdown

A deliciously light and zingy little number, the Brokenwood Cricket Pitch really surprised me. I’d grabbed it out of the fridge where it had been chilling away for a few weeks as a forgotten purchase. While the kids fought over dinner, I poured away and instantly felt the thrill of this time of year – sunshine and new year cheer. It’s balanced, citrussy and yet not overly acidic at all, a very smooth mover. It generally sells for under $20 so there’s no excuses here ladies. Get yourself a bottle and enjoy!

Drink with?

It actually went surprisingly well with the spiciness of the chilli in the nachos. Probably because it’s contains some luscious tropical fruit and lemongrass flavours and a lively finish to really cut through the heat and richness. While my dinner tonight was certainly not the perfect match, I’d say it’s definitely a bottle to grab when you’re heading out for some spicy Vietnamese or Malaysian.

Or just drink it when you want the fresh taste of summer in your mouth, and the lingering memory of good times!

Rating: 3.5/5




Price: Around $18.00

Available from: Widely available at most retailers.