Brioni finally has her own blend! NEW RELEASE from Oliver’s Taranga

Loads of you have met and loved Corrina Wright and Brioni Oliver from Oliver’s Taranga. We’ve been running events with them all over Australia over the last few years, and they’re a total hit wherever we take them! Their wines are absolutely top shelf and always well received.

Cousins and co-head honchos of Oliver’s Taranga, these two fabulous women of wine are an amazing partnership and are a force to be reckoned with. And while winemaker Corrina has had a wine named after her for a while now we were really excited to receive the news that this year they’ve also released a ‘Brioni’s Blend‘!

Brioni’s Blend is is a red wine made from 65% Touriga, 25% Mataro and 10% Shiraz. The clever Oliver’s Taranga team grafted the infamous Portuguese variety Touriga over an old Merlot block in 2016. Touriga is super juicy and floral, so they blended it with Mataro and generous Shiraz…and voila! Brioni’s Blend was born.

Here’s what the team have to say about it…

“It’s a ripper with mulberry, violets with that usual Taranga touch of ironstone. It is bright and light and jumpy on the palate. It’s just want we want in a blend.

We always have a section on our wine labels that say ‘The Year that …’.  Well, this was the year that Brioni was called ‘a great forklift driver for a girl’!!!!

For the record, Brioni is our number one forklift driver at Oliver’s Taranga, and she is a proper gun. We never get tired of watching random truck drivers shocked faces as they discover that (a) a girl is going to load their truck, and (b) that she is better than most other forklift drivers they come across, boy or girl! #winechicksrule

Of course she is. Go Brioni! Brioni’s Blend is RRP $32 and available directly from Oliver’s Taranga’s website (with FREE delivery no matter how many bottles you order.)