Bremerton Battonage Chardonnay 2012


The Lowdown

Langhorne Creek in South Australia aint what you’d call “Chardy famous”.

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to name many other acclaimed Chardonnays coming out of this region! But when should a gal ever let reputation precede her?

Bremerton is Australia’s only sister-run winery, and so we love it when Lucy and Rebecca Willson have a crack at something a bit out of the ordinary. It just seems to fit their whole shake-things-up vibe.

And what a result. Like a (faux) fur stole around your shoulders, this is a Chardy that is elegant and warm but not afraid to make a statement.

Generous hits of lemon, biscuit and nougat with a very clean and lingering finish. The subtle oak is balanced with lovely acidity.

Stirring the lees (the dead yeast cells) in the winemaking process is called “Battonage” hence you can probably guess that’s what’s happened here. By stirring the lees you mix a whole bunch of stuff back into the wine that adds complexity and richness to the finished product. Yum.

The totally luxe label adds to the overall special-ness of this wine.

Drink With

That added complexity makes this Chardonnay an excellent food wine. Give it some earthy, umami flavours to really pimp things up – like roast chicken, seared scallops or just a good hunk of quality parmesan.

Price: $32.00

Rating: 4/5