Bleasdale ‘Second Innings’ Malbec 2010

FABULOUS LADIES WINE REVIEW: Bleasdale ‘Second Innings’ Malbec 2010

Ever fantasized about being swept up into the arms of a ravishing Latino hombre who sweet talks you into forgetting all your troubles and rides you off into the sunset? For most of us with real lives and domestic responsibilities, it’s nice to dream.

Except, there’s also Malbec.

If you’re new to Malbec, you’re not alone. It’s a variety that’s not often produced as a single varietal in Australia. It originates in France, but is much better known as being the flagship wine produced by Argentina and Chile who’ve really made it their own.

A good Malbec is an exciting wine that likes to thrill and can certainly make a girl forget her chores for a moment while it takes you to a dusty, warm place with loads of food, laughter and good times.

It’s wonderful to see more Australian wineries, like Bleasdale in the Langhorne Creek region of South Australia producing it. And while consumer awareness of Malbec may only now just be catching on, Bleasdale have actually been pioneering Malbec in Australia since 1961.

The Lowdown

Bleasdale’s offering is a delightful wine. The full fruit flavours are what first hit your nose and your palate. Honest, approachable, soft and velvety smooth with plenty of blackberry and dark fruit. Quite simply this is an excellent wine at an everyday price that’s dripping with deliciousness.

Drink With

It’s got to be barbecued or chargrilled meats. Or tapas. Or both. Or maybe just with nothing except your very lucid daydreams…

Rating: 4 1/2 (takes into account aroma, flavour and value for money)




Price: Around $17.00

Available from: Most major bottle shops and online retailers