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Who: Bethany Wines
Bethany logo with church - Version 2

Where: Barossa Valley, South Australia – near the town of Bethany

What: One of the oldest Barossa families making gorgeous wines from some of the oldest vines in the area.

Why: Cos everyone wants a family like this one.


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Tania Schrapel thought she would be a primary school teacher. For eight years she pushed on, teaching at schools throughout South Australia, determined in her belief that this was the life for her. Until, one day she finally…..succumbed to wine. (But, it’s not quite how you think!)

As the sixth generation of the pioneering Schrapel family, the pull of the family business was eventually too great to resist, and Tania left teaching to undertake a Masters of Wine Business and become the fabulous Marketing Manager for Bethany Wines – one of the Barossa Valley’s oldest producers.

Having grown up spending every school holidays pruning or picking in the vineyard – “Nan paid me 50c a bucket!” laughs Tania – perhaps it’s no surprise that the land and vines her family has tended since 1844 have become her passion too.

Four generations of the Schrapel family who run Bethany Wines. (Tania Schrapel is third from the left and, center, Edna Schrapel her ‘Nan’.)

While the family history is inspiring, the thing that immediately strikes you about Bethany Wines is that they’ve seriously got one of the most beautiful spots in this whole Barossa paradise. It’s no wonder they stuck their flag in the sand and never left!

The View
The stunning view from Bethany Wines
Vineyards at Bethany Wines

A quick Bethany Wines history lesson:

[tabs] [tab title=”1844″] Johann Schrapel and his family arrived in South Australia from Silesia (which now straddles Poland and the Czech Republic). In 1852, they established a tradition of grape growing and winemaking for friends and family in the historic village of Bethany, in the Barossa Valley. [/tab] [tab title=”1981″] More than a century later, Johann’s fifth generation descendants, brothers Geoff and Robert Schrapel, turned this tradition into Bethany Wines. A cellar door was built high in the Barossa Ranges overlooking the Schrapel Family Vineyards. [/tab] [tab title=”Today”] Bethany Wines remains proudly family owned. It is run by the fifth and sixth generations of the same Schrapel family, who continue to produce wines of elegance, flavour, complexity and finesse. [/tab] [/tabs] 

The Bethany Wines Cellar Door
The Bethany Wines Cellar Door

Lots of wineries talk about doing everything ‘by hand’ but at Bethany this is genuinely the case as they are a wee bit obsessed with ensuring everything is of premium quality. (We’re sure it’s something about a bit of family pride being at stake.)

But it’s not all looking backwards and carrying on traditions. Thanks to the involvement of Tania and those other “crazy kids these days” of the sixth generation things are getting all fresh and…ya know…new.

Take for example, the Gen 6  series that is taking the market by storm. Named – surprisingly! – after the sixth generation of the family, and with a stylised family tree as the logo, it’s putting a new perspective on old Barossa favourites.

“Like many older Barossa wineries, we’ve always had lots of baby boomers as our core customers,” says Tania. “But what’s great about our Gen 6 wines is that we’re showcasing newer styles and blends which are really attracting a younger crowd.” Something for everyone? Now, THAT’S a winery doing it right.

The whole Gen 6 thing was Tania’s idea. Which just goes to show, teaching people a thing or two might just be her chosen career after all.

[alert-announce] Bethany Wines are our featured winery of the month for May 2014 in our online wine club! You can try their wines for yourself at a great price delivered to your door – you can even get a tasting two pack for just $8 delivery. Yum. [/alert-announce]

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