A Rose by Any Other Name – Launch of Tyrrells ‘Arabella Rose’ Sparkling Rosé

Pink sparkly wines in teeny-tiny little bottles seem to be the “thing” for Summer 2012/2013.

First Brown Brothers came out with their Minis and now Tyrrells have launched a new Sparkling Rosé in piccolo style bottles which are squarely aimed at the female consumer, right in time for the party season.

While it also comes in a standard bottle, it’s the piccolo sip-with-a-straw version that took centre stage at the launch at Sydney’s The Winery on Wednesday.

Tyrrells describes the wine – which they’ve called Arabella Rose – as a “…light and flirty rosé”.

And they’ve used that description as a starting point for a very gimmicky (but nonetheless creative) idea for an online romance novel to coincide with the launch, released in daily installments over 50 days, based around a heroine called (yep, you guessed it) Arabella Rose.

Called “50 Days With Rose“, it will commence November 1st 2012, and is written by highly successful romance author Ally Blake. Ally is one of Australia’s favourite romance writers, and has published 22 books in more than 20 languages, with three million sales worldwide.

The heroine, Arabella, is described as “young, beautiful and romantic at heart”, and her story will unfold on Facebook as she embarks on a 50-day travel adventure, covering Sydney, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Melbourne.

You can follow the story at www.facebook.com/50dayswithrose

Interesting idea, huh? Quite a bit of fun really, and we’re all for that when it comes to marketing wine.

But what about the wine? Very little was said at the launch on Wednesday, or in the official press release, about the wine itself – which is actually quite enjoyable.

So why wasn’t more said about the wine?!

As female wine drinkers we love a good story, and smart, savvy marketing is always appreciated. But on this occasion it almost seems to be at the expense of the wine story.

Just because a wine is overtly targeted at women, does that mean the marketers throw away the technical stuff thinking we’re not interested? Sigh. It so often seems to be the case.

We love a bit of sparkle and a good party as much as the next girl, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have a solid interest in wine and a decent brain with which to absorb information and develop a greater understanding about the provenance of what we’re drinking.

Does it really have to be this way? Does wine marketing really have to oscillate wildly between the Pink and the Pompass? We don’t think so.

Well done Tyrrells and BangPR for an innovative launch idea and a genuinely nice Sparkling Rose. Next time though, we’d love to hear more about the wine.

Here’s what we thought of the Arabella Rose:

Adorned with a pretty, feminine pink-and-white label the Arabella Rose is light, fruity, and (rather surprisingly) not overly sweet. Love it for what it is – a refreshing and unpretentious bottle of bubbly fun, perfect for warm weather sipping. Sourced from Tyrrells plantings of Heathcote Shiraz, it carries some of the deep purple fruit flavours that grape is famous for.

Somehow, it seems to get pinker as you go along. It’s low alcohol (handy when you’re standing around in the sun), and along with the berry flavours there’s a whiff of a musk stick without the whole corner-shop lolly bag. It’s also just lightly carbonated, which has the all important benefit of not going up your nose while you’re wearing your best frock and trying to chic it up for Spring Carnival or the work Christmas party.

Price: $19.99 for 750ml bottle or $6.99 for a 200ml piccolo.

Rating: 3/5 Very good wine




Available from: Most leading wine stores, bars and online retailers nationally from November 2012, and also from www.tyrrells.com.au