Angove Wild Olive Shiraz 2013


You know when a big company like Angove Family Winemakers takes the plunge that Australian ‘organic wine’ has left the fringe and is now taking it’s rightful place in the mainstream. This thing is getting bigger than Farmer Wants a Wife. And for good reason too.

Organic viticulture (arguably) produces vines with better balance, fruit concentration and overall vineyard biodiversity and health. And that’s why Angove are getting serious about organic. They think the wines are…well….better for every part of the system: soil, plants, animals, people and the environment. They currently have 172 acres of organic vineyard spread across the Riverland and McLaren Vale with an additional 62 acres in the process of conversion (which takes three years) and there are plans to begin conversion of another 74 Acres in 2014.

The Wild Olive Shiraz is their latest offering to the gods of organic viticulture, and it’s sure to please. The grapes are all sourced from their delightfully beautiful and 100% certified organic Warboys Vineyard in McLaren Vale and was basket pressed before hanging out for a while in old Burgundian oak barrels. 

Organic wine production is NOT cheap. Just keeping all those pesky weeds at bay is hugely labour intensive. But incredibly, the Angove Wild Olive Shiraz 2013 sits at an RRP of just $20 a bottle.

Drinking this wine is like jumping into a big, red velvet floor cushion. Soft, enveloping, and comforting – and totally filled with youthful enthusiasm.  Juicy black and red berries, licorice and spice are all there to delight the palate. The fact that it’s young and fresh only adds to the appeal. Don’t even think about cellaring it. Just open it, take a bountiful sip and watch the grin appear on the faces of those you’re sharing it with.

And because it’s organic, heck, it’s practically a detox.

Drink With

A big hearty winter soup filled with organic, seasonal vegetables from your hand tended plot. Or…you know…your actual dinner – like spag bol or lamb shanks in the slow cooker.

Rating: 4/5




Price: RRP $20. Bargain!