A rosé you can really spring into – Alta Vineyards ‘For Elsie’ Pinot Noir Rosé 2010

Spring is definitely…erm…springing.  So it’s time to pull out the spring wines to match the lightly pollen scented air.  After living through the coldest winter since Moses was a boy, I am pleased to see the end of frost bite, even if it means living with hay fever.

To celebrate the sun’s re-appearance, we opened a bottle of the Alta ‘For Elsie’ Pinot Noir Rosé 2010.

Gone are the days of all rosé being like raspberry cordial. Thank goodness!  This is a delicate, yet complex, and dry rosé wine that’s perfect for sharing with the gals.  It’s made by ex-Orlando Wyndham wine maker Sarah Fletcher, and is named after her daughter Elsie, who was born only two months before the first vintage. (Naaaww…) 

The Lowdown

The wine is made in the Adelaide Hills from 100% Pinot Noir grapes which gives it a very light tannin and hint of spice.  The colour is pinky-orange – just like the sunset that we watched as we finished off the bottle.

It has an entoxicating aroma of vanilla and roses, and is delightfully creamy to taste with buckets of gorgeous strawberry flavour. The middle palate has some complexity with hints of oak and spice. Then a dry finish. Making it refreshing and delicate all at once.

Drink with…

We enjoyed our wine with goat’s cheese in the early evening, but this would be equally perfect at a seafood barbecue, or a picnic in the mid-summer heat.  It would also be gorgeous with canapés or right at home at a baby shower.

For true decadence, sip it with petite cupcakes loaded with buttery icing, to bring out the strawberry lushness of the wine.  (Now you’re talking.)

Price: Around $18. Which represents very good value for this sophisticated wine.

Available from: Alta Vineyards Cellar door or online www.altavineyards.com.au. Also available at some online retailers and boutique bottle shops.


(The Alta ‘For Elsie’ Rose 2010 was reviewed by guest contributor, Yvette McDonald