Adopt-A-Vine – The Perfect Gift For Father’s Day


Ever wondered what goes into making wine? Ever dreamed of owning a winery? Or making your own vintage?

Well, hold onto your berets ladies….because we have just discovered Adopt-a-Vine! And not only is it the perfect idea for yourself, but we think it would make a cracking Father’s Day gift for ol’ dad this September.


Adopt a vine

By adopting a vine from you (or your Dad) can become a vigneron without you having to sell your vintage collection of Manolo’s! Imagine the satisfaction and total glory of being able to serve your friends and family wine made from ‘your vine’ (and still being able to show off your new pair of heels.)

More importantly, Adopt-A-Vine gives you the opportunity to learn more about the vine-to-wine process. Understand the impact of the seasons and the year in the life of a grapevine. Be part of the inner-circle at the winery, part of the winery family. You’ll also go straight onto the VIP list to receive discounts, special invitations and hands-on days at the winery your vine lives in.


You too could have one of these!

How Does it Work?

Once you adopt your vine at your chosen winery you receive an Adoption Kit showing your vine with a personalised hang-tag with the Adoptive Parents name on it, the kind of vine it is (e.g. Chardonnay, Pinot, Shiraz, etc), a map showing the location of the vine and – best of all – a discount on wine purchases during the adoption period which usually runs for 3 years!


adopt a vine

Adopt-a-Vine is fun and quirky – but also educational

It’s about learning more about the vine-to-wine process, thereby making the understanding and drinking of wine even more enjoyable.

Throughout the year Adoptive Parents (and partners) are invited to join in seasonal activities in the vineyard experiencing a day in the life of their vine. These “Hands-On Days” might include canopy management, crop estimation, vintage (helping to pick the grapes), pruning techniques and more.


Grape Picking 2014 (9)
Proud Adoptive Parents


Adopt-a-Vine is available at select wineries in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand. There’s a winery near you with vines that are looking for Adoptive Parents. And it’s the gift that just keeps giving!

Want to make your dear Dad (or the father of your kids) deliriously happy this Father’s Day?

Then go Adopt-a-Vine for him right now! Just click on this link to select your state and your wine region, and then choose an Adopt-a-Vine package that’s just right for him.