The Fabulous Ladies' Wine Society is Australia's best and biggest wine community for women!

 Here on the website you’ll find wine information, fabulous wine deals direct from our favourite producers and events for women who love wine – and for women who simply want to learn more about the fabulous world of wine.

And of course we’re also home to Australia’s first online women’s wine club. It’s like a book club, but with WINE! If you’re not a part of it yet, head to our Online Wine Club page to find out more.

The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society was created to provide wine-loving women with the wine information that THEY want. We’re sick of the testosterone fuelled, high falutin’ and (let’s face it) downright yawn-inducing way in which this most deliciously wonderful beverage is communicated – especially to women.

The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society was launched in May 2012 to put the FUN and FEMININITY back into wine! Become a member now – it’s FREE!

** While we adore wine, it’s important to always remain a true fabulous lady and drink only in moderation.

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