A Wine Lovers Guide to Moving House

Moving house requires wine. We all know that! But after (just) surviving the ordeal herself, Melissa discovered that different wines are actually required for each of the various stages in the whole process.


Being Notified

Stage 1: Being Notified

It can be a bit stressful when you’ve just received a letter telling you that you have 60 days to vacate your current home.

Will I have somewhere to live? Will I find a house I like? Is that the current market rate for rent? How am I going to pack everything in time? I really don’t want to move! I need something stronger than wine!

This is definitely one of those times when a spirit or fortified wine is needed. A gin and tonic perhaps, scotch on the rocks or a nice warming Topaque or Muscat. Australia makes so many wonderful fortified wines that you really can’t beat one of these on a cold winter’s evening. Strong enough to settle frayed nerves, not so strong they’ll make you fall asleep when you’re trawling internet housing sites.

Being Notified (1)

Stage 2: Packing Boxes

The process of packing up a house would have to be one of the most boring things you’ll ever do in life. Yes, you do come across some ‘blasts from the past’ and lots of things that you’ve forgotten over time, but on the whole, it’s just a hard slog.

To get you through the monotony of packing clothes, books and kitchen bits a nice, complex white wine is needed. This is the time for Chardonnay or Viognier.

You don’t want anything too heavy, because you probably won’t be matching it with food. Not that you don’t want to eat, but there really is no time. A lightly wooded Chardonnay in a more modern style is perfect. Plenty of stone fruit, with a bit of acidity and freshness. Just what you need to revive those lagging spirits.

Save the big Chardy to have with a fancy meal in a few weeks time when you are a bit more settled. You really want to savour that buttery, oaked wine and sipping on the run is no way to appreciate its complexity.

Big Reds

Stage 3: Cleaning The Bathroom And Kitchen

I thought that I kept a pretty clean house, so was definitely surprised with how long it took to scrub the kitchen and bathroom. A big red wine was certainly needed to get through all the grease and grime that had been building up for years!

A nice Shiraz or Cabernet is probably the best wine to enjoy. It would certainly take the edge off the cleaning and those lovely red berry and plum aromas neutralises the smell of bleach and oven cleaner.

Pizza Wine

Stage 4: Moving Day

The actual day of moving, especially if you’ve decided to do it yourself, is a big day. Probably best to avoid the wine or alcoholic drinks until after the move is done. The last thing you want to do is drop that bookshelf on your toes!

Basically, on moving day you just need a light and racy red – like a Tempranillo or a young Shiraz – to go with the pizza you get delivered because you’re too exhausted to move.

Just don’t forget where you’ve packed the wine glasses! Note to self – label the box containing the wine glasses with highlighter and ribbons and bows and transport it with you in the car. The important things really need to be readily accessible!
Unpacking wine


Stage 5: Unpacking The Boxes In The New House

Unpacking isn’t nearly as boring as packing, but it’s still a tedious process. Where to put the bookshelves and cupboards? Where will all the wine fit? I don’t have enough space in the kitchen to put my food processor and blender! And what about the lack of power points. Who designed this place?

While you’re unpacking, you really need something to sip that is nice to have on its own and that will improve over time with the bottle open. A Tasmanian or Yarra Valley Pinot Noir is perfect. Light enough that you don’t need to match it to a big meal and generally low enough in alcohol that everything will end up safely unpacked and unbroken!

Being Notified (6)

Stage 6: Once The Move Is Done

The last box is moved, the old keys are handed back to the real estate agent and you collapse in a heap on the bed that is yet to be made up. Finally, the move is over, although there is still a whole house full of stuff to sort out.

What other drink could be more appropriate to celebrate than Champagne? Golden bubbles, stone fruits and yeast on the nose and a beautifully refreshing palate. Perfect!

I know that for me, champagne was certainly the best drink to celebrate the move into the new house. We didn’t pop open our bottle until about a week later when things were a bit more organised and cleaned up. Combined with a special dinner, a lovely vintage Champagne went down a treat!

And by then, we’d most definitely found the flutes.