A monumental discovery – Monument Vineyard Verdelho 2011 Review

FABULOUS LADIES WINE REVIEW: Monument Vineyard Verdelho 2011


At the kitchen bench, with a friend who’d dropped by, after a hair raising day of small crises and things-gone-wrong. (You know the type.)


If you’d had my day, you’d know why!

What’s the deal?

Let’s start with the truth. Verdelho is a strange wine. There. I’ve said it. It really is. So when you’ve had a strange and difficult day, it’s probably the perfect choice to fill the glass.

It’s strange because it’s uniquely Australian (we’re the only ones who produce it as a table wine – it’s normally used to make Madeira in Portugal) and because where it’s grown and how early it’s harvested has an enormous influence on the flavour. So when you open a bottle of Verdelho there’s sometimes just no predicting how it’s going to taste.

It can even be difficult to rely on the tasting notes right there on the label. And that’s the case here with the Monument Vineyard 2011 Verdelhofrom the Orange region of NSW. The front label says “Tropical Fruits and Candied Pineapple” which is usually enough for this girl to gag into her embroidered hanky.

But the first sip (okay, in the interests of remaining truthful, I’d have to say it was more of a gulp) blew that out of the water. This is a lovely dry, crisp Verdelho that has a sparkle of tropical fruit in the background, but without the whole Carmen Miranda.

And, like all good Verdelhos should be, the Monument Vineyard 2011 Verdelho is delightfully and whimsically grapey. Despite it’s diversity, a good Verdelho actually tastes like the fresh grapes it’s made from. And that’s one of the reasons it continues to gain in popularity here in Australia – especially amongst us gals who prefer their companions to be honest and just a little fresh.

If you’re new to Verdelho, or you’ve already discovered the joys of this strange, delightful variety, then it’s definitely worth getting your hands on some of from the fab folks at Monument Vineyard. Just don’t read the label.

Drink with?

The beautiful thing about this Monument Vineyard Verdelho is that you don’t need to drink anything with it! It’s the perfect wine for sitting and sipping and sharing together as you pour over the mayhem of the day and realise once again that life is actually all okay.

If you do want to drink it with food, my pick would be a Spanish style potato tortilla, or – more realistically after a day like mine – salty, finger licking Kettle Chips straight from the (family sized) packet.

Drink when?

You you need a good pick me up. Or just every afternoon at 5pm. Same thing, isn’t it?


Around $16 – making it very good value indeed.

Available from:

That’s the only catch. This is only available direct from www.MonumentVineyard.com.au. But given what I’ve just said about it, you are completely justified in ordering yourself a whole case. You’re welcome.

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    Agree! This is a yummy wine to drink any time- very easy drinking!

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