5 Reasons to try Vinho Verde this Summer

Summer has arrived, and you’re probably thinking of toting a bottle of two of Moscato or Sauvignon Blanc to the local cricket game or pool party. Why not think ahead of the pack and bring a Vinho Verde instead?

Vinho whaaaa? Vinho Verde, darlings! It’s Portuguese for ‘green wine’ and no, not because the wine is green coloured but because it is made to be drunk fresh (it tastes fresh too). Made from a cornucopia of local grape varieties from the North of Portugal including the more familiar Albarino, it is usually white but occasionally found in rose and no, it’s not Mateus (although we secretly love a bit of 70s kitsch in the glass).


Why do we suggest you try Vinho Verde this summer?

1. It’s low in alcohol – 8 – 11% – which means you won’t wilt in the blazing heat of a hot summers day. Vinho Verde also comes in half bottles if you are desperately clinging to the last of those New Years resolutions.

2. A high acidity wine, there’s also an ever so slight spritz which gives a refreshing beachy-salty hint. No matter if the closest you get to the ocean is the blow up kiddie pool.

3. Vinho Verde is a fairly neutral wine. You’ll mainly get flavours of citrus rind & ‘green’ apple, sometimes a herbal hint of white flowers. Which means easy breezy light drinking, which also leads to…

4. It makes a great mixer. Whip up a jug for your fabulous friends with fresh fruit or some guava juice. We like to go a bit Pimmsesque with cucumber, strawberries and mint leaves over ice cubes. Yes, yes you can have wine with ice if you so desire!

5. It’s CHEAP. Really cheap. If you are paying over $10 a bottle you’ve blow the budget. We get ours from Petersham, otherwise known as Sydney’s Little Portugal, but you will find it at your local bottle shop, just look for the distinctive bottle.

Most Vinho Verde goes great with those summer staples like fresh fish and barbecues. Or yes, yes, a Portuguese chicken burger.