3 fabulous Rieslings for Summer

Both my grandmothers never drank a green smoothie. They drank Riesling. And at 90+ years of age, both are still thriving and living independently.

old ladies with riesling

I think if we ever need to learn something from our grandmothers, it’s this. To drink Riesling! We should be drinking more of it. And summer is the best time to enjoy it’s refreshing, lemony deliciousness.

I’m not sure if my Nannas would recognise the current range of Rieslings as their tipple of choice. Today’s top shelf Riesling is achingly dry, not sweet – and elegant, rather than blousy. And if it’s been a while since you sat down and poured yourself a glass, here’s three fabulous new style Rieslings to delight you:


vickery riesling1. Vickery Watervale Riesling 2014

RRP $23.00

John Vickery is often given the grand title of the ‘Father of Australian Riesling’ as he’s been crafting some of Australia’s most iconic Rieslings since the 1950’s. In fact, my grandmothers were probably sipping on a wee bit of John’s handiwork most days, I suspect… 

Even though he’s officially retired and in his 70s now, he has just released his own label! And while he’s not officially the winemaker, he’s overseeing it all the way.

The intense aromatics are just like walking through Nan’s garden – it’s all gardenias, jasmine and lemon blossom. While in the mouth it’s bursting with lime and

Dry and minerally. Probably not the style  Rich flavour, touch of sweetness, gentle chalkiness with fine minerally acidity and excellent length. Softer, more approachable style.

eddystone point riesling

2. Eddystone Point Riesling 2013

RRP $26.00

I’ve been sneaking a bottle of this into my weekly grocery shop for most of the year. It’s becoming a problem, as I don’t know how many more weeks I can explain it away as “milk”.

It’s just so darn drinkable. In winter, it’s delicious at sunny picnics where it’s food friendliness makes it a star. While in summer it provides all the tropical fruit refreshment you need, with a steely, dry and chalky finish to keep you coming back for more.

It’s from Tassie, and you can taste all that fresh, fragrant air in every sip. I expect the 2014 vintage will be out any day, and it’s likely to be just as fabulous.


pfeiffer riesling3. Pfeiffer Riesling

RRP $19.90

This is Riesling I’ve been meaning to write-up all year, but somehow it got away from me. When I looked at my notes to remind myself of my favourite Rieslings this year, this what towards the top of the list. It’s still widely available, though I expect the 2014 is also just around the corner.

Jen Pfeiffer is one talented winemaker. How she takes this granny grape and turns it into a summer beach party of lemon and lime margaritas is outstanding. It’s brighter and more exciting than the loudest Hawaiian shirt, and you can smell the fragrant frangipanis everyone is wearing in their hair. This is a party I want to be invited to again and again.