3 fabulous non-wine Christmas gifts for the wine lover

When you have a friend (or relly) who loves wine, the thought of actually buying them wine can be fraught with anxiety. Is it good enough? Will they like it? Which region do they prefer their shiraz grapes to be sourced from? (Okay, if it’s the latter, then maybe move on and meet some other people…)

So we’ve found three perfect gifts for wine lovers that don’t involve an actual bottle of wine.


 1. The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

scratch and sniff

Who didn’t love a bit o’ scratch ‘n sniff back in the day? A whole generation of kids got high on those shonky chemicals that could only be released by the incessant scraping of grubby fingernails.

Now there’s a hilarious and, I gotta say, pretty cool book that helps you understand the flavours and aromas of wine via some scratch and sniff action. Love it! You can get it here. 

2. Adopt-a-Vine



Know someone who’d love to have their own vineyards and winery? Then why not adopt a vine for them! There are participating wineries all over Australia, and adoptive parents are invited to harvest and pruning days, tastings, and all manner of events. It’s all the fun and satisfaction, without any of the late nights and loan repayments. You can get it here. 

3. Champagne Cork Stool

champagne stool

Now you can take Champagne into the bedroom – or hallway, lounge or bathroom – without anyone raising an eyelid! These giant size Champagne cork stools make perfect seats for little people as well as great door stoppers. You can get them here.