Christobelle Anderson – Anderson Winery

Christobelle Anderson is Winemaker, co-owner and one half of the father and daughter team that makes up Anderson Winery in Rutherglen, Victoria. Hers is a small, sustainably run winery producing small quantities of amazing wines that often sell out well in advance.

Since completing her studies in winemaking at Adelaide University in 2003, she’s worked at Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyards, Rutherglen Estates, and has somehow found the time to pop overseas to do a vintage in Alsace, followed by a 6 month stint in Champagne. Nice!

Christobelle returned full time to Anderson winery in mid 2005, and is now making the wines alongside her father Howard. Here’s her fabulous story.

When did you first enter the wine industry & why?

I kind of grew up in it. My Dad started the winery when I was 10. However, I only took a real interest towards the end of high school when I started learning what was actually involved in winemaking.

What does your current role involve?

Everything! I’m trained as a winemaker, but because we’re such a small winery I also do marketing, cellar door, admin, and even washing the odd tank.

From where/what regions do you source your grapes?

Primarily our own vineyard in Rutherglen, but some years we also get small parcels of white grapes from Whitlands (top end of the King Valley, Victoria).

What’s the philosophy behind Anderson Winery?

To make wines full of fruit flavour and character that people enjoy drinking. Our methods are sustainable (non-irrigated vineyard, winery serviced by on-site rain water tanks and solar panels) and focused on getting the best quality – even if that’s a bit harder to do.

From the range of wines you produce, what are your personal favourites?

It’s a hard choice, because I do like them all (why make something I don’t like?!), and it depends on the occasion.  But to single one out, I am really proud of our Durif red wines. It’s a regional specialty for Rutherglen and does have a reputation for being a bit overbearing & “masculine”, but I’m trying to make wines that are packed with flavour and are full bodied, but have that all important smoothness.

What’s your all-time favourite food & wine match?

Sparkling Shiraz & roast pork

If you had to describe yourself as a wine it would be….

Something with lots of depth. And gentle (not bitter).

Favourite way to while away a Sunday afternoon?

I don’t get many of those! But when I do get a day off, I like relaxing with the people I love or discovering new places.

Flats or heels?

Flats. I’m terribly sensible (and tall)

If there was one thing you wish you could tell the sisterhood of wine lovers out there, what would it be?

Wine needn’t be complicated. There’s a whole heap of mystique around it, but really all you need to know to enjoy wine is whether you like it. Or not!

Try every wine style that you can.

You can meet Christobelle in person and try the wines from Anderson Winery at our Women, Wine & Shoes events in Melbourne on 18th April and Brisbane on 23rd April. For more information about these exciting events, and to purchase your tickets, CLICK HERE.